martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Harry potter

the saga ends and it must be treated as it deserves, the fact is that is very important to me, cos I grew up with it.
I started with the first book when I was still at school,and then the emotion that the other books came out, later the movies. and as you know, like it or not harry potter, the last movie came out last month.
well, what I was going to tell you is that the other day I was in a mall and I enter a book store, and I found a book about harry potter, when I saw it I thought that it would be one of those books about the filming wicht have the same things we already know, but I'm a little curious,  so I opened it and what was my suprise that it had inside replics of some things from the movie (apart from many information of the movies and books).
so here a leve some photos of the things inside.

 the letter from the first movie
borgin and burkes is a shop, it sells objects of dark magic and other dangerous magical artefacts,
is a catalog of products sold by the store.
 the potions book cover, contains stickers to classify the potions.

box from honeydukes sweets.
 quidditch world cup programme.
the quidditch is a wizarding sport played on broomsticks.

 invitation to the christmas ball.
 educational decrees from the ministery of magic (5ª movie)

 the marauder's map is a magical document that reveals all of hogwarts, what is taken place in every corner of the castle (this is my favourite ^^)

weasley's wizard wheezes catalog (is a joke shop)

 and finally the identity card from the ministery of magic.

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