jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

One Ok Rock

this is my favourite japanese band! it was formed in 2005, composed of four members: taka, toru, ryota, and tomoya. it originally contained a fifth member, alex, but he left the group.
born april 17, 1988 in tokyo is the main vocalist of the group, he was a member of NEWS a japanese music group under johnny's entertainment.

 Born december 7, 1988 in Osaka, is the guitarist of the group, and also he sings. He was a member of the hip-hop dance group heads.

Born september 4, 1989 in Osaka is the bassist of the group, he was also member of heads.

Born june 27, 1987 in Hyogo is the drummer of the group.


2007: Zeitakubyo
2008: Beam of light 
         Kanjo Effect
2010: Niche Syndrome 
2011: Zankyo reference

I actually have 2 of this albums =)

the last album is coming out on october 5, 2011

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