lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Cracking polish review!!

Ok, then, as I told you, I have received a package from a online store, wich is , one of the things I have received is a Cracking nail polish, and I love it.
I love do my nails very much, and I never put on fake nails, because I'm very lucky and my nails grown up too well =).
so normally I decor my nails by myself, and it always get much time. then I saw the cracking polish on bornpretty , I was so interested and I charged it.
Is to easy too do:

First: I put on my nails a nail's protector, it's optional

Second: I put on white nail polish. you can choose any color that you want, but my cracking nail polish is black so the contrast will make it better.

third: apply the cracking nail polish on your nails:
you have to wait a few seconds, and that's the result!!

I would totally recommend!!!

More things sooner.
have a nice day!!

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