jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Jewelry......sorry too busy.

hi loves! sorry, but I have been too busy with the studies, and by now I'm going yo be much busy.
by the way, I'm going to try update =)
I have done a lot of things this month, so I don't know which to tell hahaha.in the begining of the month Went to Japan weekend in Madrid, It's and event where you can find comics, CDs, games and a lot of things from japan. But I have to say I'm very upset this year with the event, because there were such a bit mangas
, this year the event was focus to do activities, like dances, karaoke, costumes, etc. and It's something that I don't like to do very much lol. and for some strange reason I had hope to find fashion magazines from japan. and of course I didn't find it. but anyway I decided to see all the stands, because I had paid my ticket lol.
And I found some things, particularly jewelry from this store www.kawaii-factory.es

This one is not from kawaii factory, I bought it in a stand, and I don't remember the name lol.
the rest are from kawaii factory

and today nails =)
have a nice day^ ^

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