lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Hello everyone! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! So today is the first day of the Chinese new year, the year of the dragon, then we went to Madrid to see the stands and the exhibitions =)

there was a stage, but there was nothing when we get in there jaja lol.

and here it's a few stands

food, calligraphy, buddhism  etc...


the dragon!

and more things

haha the entry with mi darlin^^

and now the best thing, of course the food! hahaha
a dragon made with carrot I think haha

with my favourite siu mai delicious!

chinese bread with meat and Cantonese sauce. just yummy!!!
and my favourite ice tea

Red tea ^^

Did you celebrate the chinese new year??
have a nice day.
tomorrow I'll start doing new nails =)

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