miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Nail art with Bornprettystore

hello everyone!
Today I'm going to show you how I did my last nails =). What I used. All the products are from Bornprettystore. If you like doing your nails I recommend you this online shop, because is so cheap and they have a lot of things about nails.
I have to say that I started doing nails a few months ago, so I do what I can lol.

Is the first time I use fake nails, I ordered 500 nail tips. you see
They are too long so I cut it with a nail clippers and then I filed the nails.

I used this colours and white.


 and this are the glitters I used.

Ok, now I’m going to show you basic nail art things.
First we’re going to paint the nail, with this colour, because is the last I ordered.
I have two light colours more, from the same brand---- here
I do really love this ones because they look so sweet. ^^ 
Now we’re going to star with nail art stamping with metal template.
I have this:
And of course a Stamper and Scraper.
1.Put a drop of polish on the pattern.

1.   2. Use the scraper spread the nail polish
1.        3. Press the stamp on the pattern.

1.        4.Put in the nail.

And that’s the result.
We put more.

You can put a lot of things, nail stickers, nail art glitters, there’re many patters.

 we put it with a dangle and nail glue.

and we can put stickers 

and that's all haha. I hope that helps!!
Have a nice day!

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  1. Cute!! You reminded me to order some konad templates :) x

  2. So sweet. I want this nails too. Sell it :)