domingo, 1 de enero de 2012


New year, new nails haha. I wanted something special for new years eve. So I choose party colours.

These are my first nail tips, I always do nail art with my own nails. but I wanted to try tips. and I love the result!!

so is my drawer now. too many things haha.

And that's all from now. I have not slept yet. yesterday yesterday there was a lot of partying.

Some good music to dance from the party.


5 comentarios:

  1. Omg your nails are AMAZING <3 I can't handle long nails, I feel like its so difficult to use my phone with them haha :D but yours look just great, I was going to try recently some type of "nail art" thats like just a sticker over your nail? I'm not sure though lol

    ps. LMFAO = LOVE <3 :D


  2. thank you!! yes, is difficult to handle with long nails haha. My nails now have stickers, stamps and brilliant. this week I try to do an entry with what I used ^^

  3. cute nails! oh, eres espanola, asì q te puedo comentar en tu idioma q me resulta mas facil del ingles XD
    a mi tambien gusta muchisimo hacer varios tipos de nailart!
    diventè tu seguidora, pasa a ver mi blog y si quieres seguime! me gustarìa mucho :) besitos!!

  4. I love the nails! Looks so amazing! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anyrime!

  5. I see... you really love your nails and you use the area to make them perfect for fitting. :)