martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Let's go to the beach part I / hello kitty store

hello loves! it's been a long time! ^^ sorry, haha, really I was very tired....ok, lazy, I started the university again so, I probably begins to have less free time -_-, I try to update anyway, then I hope not to spend all day in the library =). I went to the beach a month ago with my best friend, and I have so much fun!! disconnect, partying, lying the sunshine, when I got here after that I just wanted to relax more, before I start the university, and that's mostly why I didn't update ^^. So I'm gonna leave you a few pictures about our trip.

Hola loves!! hace mucho que no actualizo, -_- , la verdad estaba muy vaga xD, ya he vuelto a la uni asi que, probablemente en una semana(o unos dias xD) vuelva a estar ocupadisima xD, en fin, de todas formas actualizare cuando pueda ^^, solo espero no estar todo el dia encerrada en la biblioteca jaja. Bueno hoy os voy a enseñar algunas fotitos de la playa, que no tengo mucho tiempo jaja =).

when we got there it was getting dark  / cuando llegamos ya se estaba haciendo de noche xD
 so let's party

 the temperature was very high (max 42º) so, we spent one of the days going to the mall. / la temperatura era altísima de máxima 42º, asi que, visitamos el centro comercial

by the way I bought this t-shirt before going to the beach / esta camiseta, que me encanta me la compre antes de ir a la playa.
 I found!!

 I will have one, when I'll have my own house haha / tendre una de estas cuando tenga mi casa ^^
 I guess it's something like

after the mall we went to a party beach

and my new addiction <3

frozen yogurt <3

Have a nice day!! ^^

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